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Isn’t It About Time You Put Yourself First?

You know in your heart that your health is the most important thing in your life. Period. The best time to take action is right NOW! In times of uncertainty, like pretty much all of 2020 & 2021, the one thing you can be certain about is having the time to focus on your health.

I’ll be there with you every step out of the way and it’s important to me that you get everything you want out of your health experience with me at a reasonable price.

I have learned to cope well with my own health challenges through education and curiosity. I want to do the same for you.

I’m so glad I found solutions to my problems that I enjoy implementing, and that is the KEY here: we find enjoyable health solutions YOU can manage with you for life.

Can you imagine finally finding the perfect personal coach for you? Someone that you feel comfortable around and who offers you nutrition and fitness tips completely tailored to your needs? Who knows on some days, life happens and can help you talk through solutions to life's daily challenges.

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Get in touch with me TODAY to see if we are a great fit for your health journey. I provide:


  • FREE 1 Hour Consultations

  • Online Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (Nutrition, Lifestyle, Fitness, Mental Health, and everything in between!)

  • Online Weight-loss Coaching (Everything you need to be successful with your realistic goals, without counting calories!)

  • Virtual Moderating (Book a consultation if you have something in mind.)

  • Two recipe E-books available for download through the store.

  • and now, Zumba® Fitness Classes!

I went completely virtual as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but I think it really serves a bigger need than that. How often do we skip going to the gym, or dread meeting with our coaches because we just don't have time or energy? 

SAVE THE HASSLE! Try out an online consultation to see how easy it is to fit time for your health and wellness into your schedule.


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