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6 Reasons Now Is The Best Time To Hire A Home-Based Or Online Personal Health Coach

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Written by Copywrite & Content Writer Nicole McIntyre

Okay – you already know the main reason you need to hire a health coach right now, but why exactly does the Covid-19 pandemic make now such a great time for this?

People are losing work and gyms are shutting down again and everything is so unpredictably sad. We’re all losing money and yet, that’s exactly why we should be investing what we have for what’s most important in our lives.

We can’t control some circumstances so let’s control the others: our health. Here are some reasons to hire a personal health coach today:

#1: We have way more time on our hands.

Even if you’re still working or staying home taking care of the kids and their online schooling, you can’t go to the movie theatre, restaurants or various meet up places.

In some places in Ontario, people were told once again to stop socializing with their friends and even to stop seeing family outside of our homes. What are we supposed to do when even the grocery stores and malls are dangerous?

Order everything online – even our fitness and nutrition training packs! Yes, it’s possible to have a personal trainer online. It’s up to you if you’ll allow them into your home or not, and what precautions they should take, if you do.

#2: It means we have less distractions.

Your life is becoming less busy so there aren’t many excuses anymore not to focus on your health and fitness and to finally start working towards those goals you have.

Take the quiet time now and fill it with personalized healthy eating, positive vibes and an exercise program perfect for you.

Nobody can stop you now, especially not Covid-19, and there’s not much else in the way anyway.

#3: It’s easier now than ever to gain weight without prioritizing ourselves.

While it’s actually kind of beautiful the way life is slowing down these days, this means more time for eating and binging on Netflix.

Don’t let that be you! Now is the perfect time to take charge because it’s so easy to gain weight, it can be even easier to lose and get fitter and healthier.

You have two options, so choose wisely!

#4: Starting new habits during slow times prepares you for busier times.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for things to go back to normal. I’m so sick of the Covid-19 restrictions on my life. But I also know I need to enjoy the moment of peace because I’ll be complaining when there’s so much more to do again.

That’s why building habits now will put a routine in place so you don’t have to think hard about it later when work becomes busier and everything is open again.

It will be harder to lose the weight you’re gaining now later than it will be to start changing your habits now before you don’t have enough time for it again.

#5: Health coaching is a light in dark times.

We all know fitness and health makes us feel great about ourselves, and who doesn’t need a little pick-me-up when the pandemic is getting worse and winter is being thrust upon us?

Self-improvement and reaching your health goals will make you happier, no matter what life throws at you next.

#6: You’ll get the positive interaction you are so desperately lacking.

Having a personal health coach is great because it’s a reason to socialize, feel understood, and get the human interaction you need.

You may be talking to others online or with people in your household, or to your neighbors at a distance, but they won’t help you finally become to the person you want to be!

Hiring a health coach will fill up your time, distract you from the crumbling world around us, and be your positivity during these times.

Email Coach Danielle at for information on what she offers, or follow her on Instagram to see how she's staying healthy this season! [@danishea2000]

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