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Celebrating 1 Year as an Entrepreneur!

Time flies & it has come time to celebrate 1 year as the official owner of Health & Fitness with Danielle!

Over the past year as a coach I have met/trained 5 wonderful ladies, and 1 awesome dude. As a virtual moderator, I have met more people working in mental health field than I can even list!

I want to say a big "Thank You!" to all the people & business that have helped me out and supported me over the past year! I am not originally from Ottawa & have found the people here to be some of the kindest and most supportive people in Canada. I am really looking forward to seeing what my next year will look like!


To summarize this business year, I have:

- Finished CanfitPro's "Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Course" + "Clean Eating Basics"

- Finished Poliquin Fitness Groups "Personal Training Level 1"

- Became certified in Standard First Aid/CPR & AED

- Became certified in Mental Health First Aid - Standard (Virtual)

- Moderator over 60 Mental Health Courses for the Mental Health Commission & Independent Facilitators

- Trained a client who passed the military fitness requirement

- Helped a client sustainably lose over 25lbs!

- Learned to file my own taxes from a self-employed perspective

- Gave my first webinar presentation

- & became a Licensed Zumba Instructor!

You may have also noticed recently there have been some changes to my business logo and website! Now you can book services online & I can officially take online payments and my meal alternatives are available for direct download!


I also would like to share the five most important things I learned about being a business owner this year:

#1 - Everyone has something they are passionate about, you just have to be willing to ask & listen!

#2 - Don't Give Up! --- No seriously.... You can take a break, ask for help, try something else, or realize you don't like something as much as you thought you would, but if you want to do something - CHASE THAT DREAM!

#3 - There is going to be compromise. Just because you want something or think something would be good for your business, does not mean it's the most financially responsible choice. Staying in the green means you can do future projects, dipping into the re