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Getting To Know Me...

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Today, March 11th, 2021, marks the official 6 months of "Health & Fitness with Danielle" being opened!

That means I am already half way though my first year of being an entrepreneur. This has been a dream of mine since I created a small fish hook making company at age 13!

Time has flown by, I have had some crazy experiences and met some of the most wonderful people since I have opened my business. I however, have dropped the ball and never formally introduced myself.

So....I'm Danielle, but I also answer to Coach & Moderator Dani!

Me as your Health & Fitness Coach:

I work with you to make sure your making a life transition that will stick! We work together on solutions that are applicable to your lifestyle, and make changes just one thing at a time. Research-based education & support fosters the ability to take those changes and make them part of your every day life for years to come. No fad diets or 30 day tummy challenges here!

Me as your Mental Health First Aid Moderator:

Working with different facilitators around the country, I run the technical side of the Virtual training. I am always a message a way if your finding the course difficult or need a hand with the technology!

Most Importantly My Off-Time:

I get asked what I do in my off time A LOT! I have a lot of hobbies but they all have a theme that basically boil down to: I like to learn things!