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Health is your Whole Body!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Although the answers above may seem obviously incorrect, and a bit funny, when you do not know what something is called you tend to do the best you can at describing it. Knowing the parts of our body and how they work is important because it plays a huge role in our ability to achieve, monitor, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So what exactly are we made of? Let's just stick to the very basics!

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Brain - This is where all of our good choices are made! Although the brain itself is made up of a complex variety of different types of tissues and matter, the brain is more broadly considered a complex mass of nerve tissue that sends neurological signals and impulses through the body to create responses. These responses create the processes that allow our bodies to move and function!

Heart - The heart is the organ responsible for pumping blood through our circulatory system; this is quite an important job as that is what keeps oxygen moving throughout our bodies and keeps us alive!

Arteries/Veins - If you think of your heart as the motor of your bodies engine, you can think of your veins & arteries as your fuel lines. Although there are many types of arteries & veins, (Pulmonary, Systematic, Arterioles, Etc.) they all have a similar under lying purpose: the transportation of oxygen rich blood away from the heart, and the moving of oxygen-deprived blood to the heart.

Skeleton - Our Skeletal structure is made up of roughly 206 bones. Why roughly? Just as in all of our exercise and nutritional needs, humans are incredibly individual and the amount of bones we have in our body may vary! Research by Neumann, P.E. and Gest, T.R. (2020), has been done to show just how much that can vary:

"Tallies of 197 to 307 bones have been reported over the past several centuries."

That is a lot of variation!

Want to learn more about the different parts of your body?

Let's Connect and come up with a customized educational coaching plan that focuses on topics that are important to you! Some examples of topics we can cover are: How to read tricky food labels; what really happens when you take a bite of food; Portion Control; New Vegetable Introductions; Ingredients to avoid when shopping; how to make the best choice with what is available; and many, many more!

Have a Happy Healthy Day!