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How Wonderful is Water?!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We have all heard that we should drink "8 glasses of water per day" to stay healthy, but thinking about water in such a limited way can really shrink our perception of how important water really is!

Water is used throughout our body for things like: Hydration, Body Temperature Regulation, Transportation, and Lubrication! Without water we would would become severely dehydrated and face many complications that, if not treated, would eventually kill us!

The Canadian Food Guides recent change in January of 2019 saw a shift from the "Food Pyramid" approach to the "What's on the plate?" approach; in which they also provided different guidelines for habits included in a healthful life. One of those habits was:

Make water your drink of choice!

That means skip the pop or juice that is high in sugar and refined ingredients and stick to water instead.

The Good News - for most of us water is widely accessible and water bottles are sold widely in-stores and online. Some companies offer free water; for example Starbucks will provide filtered ice water at no cost, even if you are not making a purchase.

However, when and where possible, we should always make the best choice when choosing our water. There has been shown to be a correlation between opting for clean, mineralized options and increased mineral intake for things like calcium & magnesium. (Compared to participants who drank plain tap water.) As well, researchers have begun to find plastic bottles may leech their microplastics into their water contents over time - best to skip it and stick to your own glass or metal water bottle instead!

If water is too boring, throw some sliced up fruit or berries in for some flavor! Still not doing it? There is a range of herbal teas that not only provide the flavor and water intake you are after, but also contain certain micro- and phyto-nutrients beneficial to our overall health!

The biggest thing you can do to increase the amount of water you drink, is to simply get in the habit of carrying a water bottle. If you have it, you will be more likely to remember to drink it!

The first thing I talk about with any new client, either for nutritional or fitness coaching, is water consumption. We calculate their very basic water intake needs by taking their bodyweight (Kg) and multiplying it by 30mL. Then we talk about their environmental factors that may influence that consumption rate in a positive or negative way.

Reach out to me today to book your free consultation; every health journey starts with a single step!

Stay Hydrated!

Coach Danielle