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Marinara Madness!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Who doesn't love PASTA!? It's fast, it's easy, it's usually pretty cheap, and it comes in about 10,000 varieties!

Although I cannot have anything with gluten, that doesn't stop this pasta loving lady from getting her fix. Although brown rice pasta is the cheapest most accessible swap out, I actually prefer red lentil pasta over any other kind. You can find pastas now made from root vegetables, lentils, cauliflower, quinoa and more. They also come in pretty much every shape you can think of!


Although there are carb-free pastas like Konjac at Health & Fitness with Danielle, I strongly encourage healthy eating habits over dieting. Your body needs the 4 Macronutrients (Fats, Carbohydrates, Protein, & Water!) to function properly, and depriving your body of one can have negative affects. Dieting may work for short periods of time, but making small sustainable changes in your diet is where real long term change happens. Cutting carbs has it's place for certain conditions, but for the majority of us we do not need to be doing it. The blow up of the keto diet has turned pasta into somewhat of a No-No dish, but I encourage anyone on that diet to either reach out to talk to me more about it or check this link to learn about the dangers of the keto-diet and the almost inevitable regaining of any weight you may have lost. (Click Here to learn more!)


Store bought pasta sauce can be:

  • Expensive

  • Bland

  • Lacking nutrients

  • Full of salt

  • Full of preservatives

  • And in my case - not down with my dietary restrictions!

But pasta sauce is actually one of the easiest things to make from scratch, and provides the opportunity to meal prep for other meals simultaneously.

For more great recipes, like the one listed below, check out "Just Eat" by clicking here! Looking for Healthy Eating / Weight-loss Coaching? Reach out to me here!

Have a happy healthy day!

Coach Danielle