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New Years Resolutions - Why They Can Be Good & Bad

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2022, where timid optimism is at it's peak. A lot of people right now don't want to claim 2022 as the year things go back to normal, but that doesn't mean it can't be the year to reach your goals despite all the chaos! #NewYearNewMe

Whether your goals are related to fitness, health, diet, moving, education, organization, starting a new business or getting a new job, they can be attainable and I am going to give you a few pointers on how! But first...

Are you doing this just because it is New Years & everyone else is doing it?

If so, maybe you need to rethink your goals and priorities. Maybe you aren't a goal-orientated person or maybe the pandemic has you burnt out and you are taking a bit of a break! The added pressure of holidays ending can make things that should be easy feel like mental mountains. Stop and be real with yourself about your motivation to change or if it is the correct time to be chasing your particular goal!

Start From the Beginning - What do you want to accomplish?

What exactly are you looking to accomplish this year? Do you want to:

- Get a new Job?

- Be more active?

- Eat Better?

- Learn a new skill?

- Be more organized?

- Build a snowman? (Hahaha)

Remember to stick to just one major goal at a time, if we take on too much it can be hard to stay focused and we end up achieving none of our goals.

Write. It. Down.