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Don't just take my word for how great a coach can be!

Check out some reviews from some of my wonderful past clients below:


Danielle is a wealth of knowledge, and has the experience to know how to introduce and reinforce it correctly.

I found that over my series of coaching sessions with Danielle, I gained so much insight into making better food choices, as well as micro and macronutrients. I feel like I am set up for success in my eating habits after coaching with Danielle! She is so supportive.

She also provided great advice on how to interest my son in healthy eating, which has proved very helpful!

Erin R.

Basket of Organic Vegetables
Avocado and Beetroot Toast

"I started the program not knowing what to expect as these sessions were a gift. Danielle explained in detail, with slideshows, each of my healthy eating topics. She was such a wonderful coach, and really went above and beyond to make sure I learned a lot.

I recommend Danielle to anyone looking for help with healthy eating or weight-loss!"

Cynthia G

Danielle is amazing! As a plus-sized woman with social anxiety it's really hard for me to open up to people about nutrition & weight. 

Danielle is extremely non-judgmental and super encouraging. I now understand why the “fad diets” I’ve tried before never worked long-term for me. She’s helping me focus on nutrition, and giving my body what it needs instead of focusing on depriving it like so many diets do. 

I can really see how what we talk about will turn into a SUSTAINABLE healthier lifestyle, as opposed to a “diet” where the main goal/focus is only losing weight. 

Ebonie B.
Lost over 30lbs!


If you are looking for a personal trainer that does it all, Health and Fitness with Danielle is absolutely the person to go to! She is incredibly attentive to detail, very thorough, respectful, thoughtful, and non-judgmental. She is very welcoming and made me feel respected and appreciated every step of our initial consultation and first session of nutritional advice/counselling.

I walked away from my visit feeling much better about my dietary choices, as Danielle made every effort to make sure I understood what she was explaining. She is someone who always strives to be better and learn more, who stays up to date on the most recent research and recommendations for an overall healthy lifestyle based on your personal preferences and lifestyle! Would recommend to anyone looking for a one-on-one coaching, in home personal training, or nutritional counselling!

Danielle has made my 1st time working with a health coach such a wonderful experience! Her professional and approachable style immediately put me at ease. When you speak she really listens with no judgement and your best interest in mind.

The individual plan she created for me focusing on healthy eating was exactly what I needed!

Running (3).jpg

Dani is awesome! I'm so glad I have her as my personal trainer, both online and in person. She is friendly, motivating, responsible and knowledgeable.  She has workout planned for the goal I want to reach and always comes prepared. She guides me and does it along with me. It's been such a great experience with Dani that I have renewed my contract with her several times.

My kids and I are always so excited and looking forward to see her come to our house. Even my kids are motivated to do more exercises too. There are many personal trainers out there, but she's the one that really cares what your goal is and truly helping. Highly recommended!

July Y.


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